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Haggard - Show #2

Thursday, 01.10.2020
Beginn: 20:00h
Backstage Arena-Süd
Reitknechtstr. 6, 80639 München
Einzelticket: 25,-€ zzgl. Geb. | Kombiticket für beide Shows: 45,-€ zzgl. Geb.
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For more than 20 years Haggard have been interweaving hard sounds, medieval and classical music skillfully into a creative mosaic of real symphonic and orchestral metal.

In an era in which musical instruments are more and more replaced by computers, Haggard put out to interpret their music both in the studio and on stage with real classical musicians and singers - and their success is evidence towards their decision:

Haggard express their musical diversity through skillfully staging changes of moods. At one moment the gloomy grunting voice appears along with a thunderstorm of heavy guitars and drums. Only a moment later all metallic harshness melts away as tender strings and the lovely sound of the soprano appear. Like no other band Haggard succeed in turning moods, feelings and stories into emotional sonic landscapes. At the same time, the band from Germany demand their listeners’ full attention, seducing them to drift away on a stream of magnificent melodies, tender emotions and brutal violence.

After 4 studio albums (3 of them being in the German Top 100 Album Charts), 2 DVDs and numerous festival appearances, shows and tours in 36 countries, Haggard have a steadily growing international fanbase. Soon their next piece of art, which is entitled “Grimm”, will be brought to this world. As the title tells, it is a fantastic journey through life and fairytales of the known and honored Brothers Grimm.


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