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Return To The Batcave Festival 2022

Thursday, 06.10.2022
bis Saturday, 08.10.2022
ul. Jagiellończyka 10c/d, 50-240 Wrocław, Polen
More details coming soon…
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This year 15 deathrock, post-punk, wave, art bands will perform during Return To The Batcave Festival 2022.

Confirmed bands:

Ausgang (UK)
13th Chime (UK)
Red Zebra (BE) (tbc)
Senex IV (UK)
Sacred Legion (IT)
Noktva (IT)
Old Cat’s Drama (UA)
Quadrille (Кадриль) (UA)
Gentle Ropes (UA)
Shadowhouse (USA)
Terminal A (USA)
The City Gates (CA)
She Pleasures Herself (PT)
Je T’aime (FR)
Moira Scar / V.E.X. (USA)
The Flatfield (FI)
Psychoformalina (PL)
Santa Espina (ES)
Nürnberg (BY)

Afterparties will be conducted by:

stay tuned…

We want to arrange some deathrock / post-punk / wave / batcave-related posters exposition during Return To The Batcave Festival 2022 – so please bring with you posters of events you visited / organized – let’s show it! Also bring with you banners of your events / flags of your country etc. – let’s show that we are one big ghoulish family!

More details coming soon…

Stay Zombiefied!

Return To The Batcave Festival 2022

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