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Sievehead / Brettern

Mittwoch, 24.05.2017
Beginn: 21:30h
Kafe Kult
Oberföhringer Str.156, 81925 München
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Sievehead UK

Representing Sheffield’s DIY beacon, The Lughole comes the modern punk band of everyone’s dreams. Since the release of ‘Into The Blue’ on Evil Hoodoo/Milk Run and their ‘S/T’ 7” on Static Shock Records, Sievehead have had their praise splattered left, right and centre. Drawing heavily from their UK punk/hardcore roots, adding layers of shimmering guitar and vocals that would make Danzig, Wayne Krammer or DFL shiver, the lads from Arundel Street have created a futuristic punk sound so suited to the current bleakness of the developing neo-liberal landscape, that when listened to on the street you can almost feel your feet leave the ground and float in an impenetrable state of defiance. Now armed with their new LP ‘Worthless Soul’, they’re ready to destroy and conquer everything and everyone in their path.

Brettern München

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