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Diese Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit!

Minicave-Festival 2019

Friday, 20.09.2019
bis Saturday, 21.09.2019
Am Hawerkamp 31, 48155 Münster
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Hey Minicave-Family!

It's time giving you first news about DJs joining the Fest:
Rachel Velouria Rose, Martin Oldgoth and Dave Exile are the Nostalgia DJ-Team coming from the UK.

"A night like they used to be, the artists you love, the ones you don't hear enough of, and the new ones that are leading the way forward. The tracks you want to hear but not the ones you always hear, and new ones that are destined to become future classics. No metal, no industrial, no cheese. Just Nostalgia."

Parade Ground, the pioneers fo Cold Wave and EBM from 1981, will join the Fest :-)

Composed of two brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly they started performing live in 1981.
The first single, 'Moan on the sly', remained active until now.

Their style has evolved during the eighties, passing from an icy and radical cold wave to a more dancing sound with noticeable rythmics and exclusively synthetic melodies mixed up with dreamy visual dadaism.
They regularly collaborated with members of belgian band Front 242, toured in various European countries and have been an inspiration for many bands .

The band are well known for their singular and striking live performances all over Europe ('the choreography of chaos').


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