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Grauzone Festival

Friday, 12.02.2021
bis Saturday, 13.02.2021
Verschiedene Orte in Den Haag
Niederlande, Den Haag
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Grauzone will move the festival from February 12-13 to May 21-22, 2021 due to COVID-19. Hopefully by then there will be more possible, and if not, we will find other ways to go ahead.

Grauzone presents a diverse and cutting-edge programme where music, film and art complement each other. It features young talent as well as established names rooted in or influenced by the underground music scene from new wave, electronic to psychedelic and experimental. The program consists of performances by (international) bands and DJ’s, a symposium with lectures and interviews, an (GRAUKUNST) exhibition and a film program. All in an intimate context with an international audience.


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