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Diese Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit!


Friday, 01.12.2023
bis Sunday, 03.12.2023
C/ de Sant Adrià 65, 08030 Barcelona, Spanien
120,-€ zzgl Geb. (early bird), 140,-€ zzgl. Gebühr; Tagestickets Fr. 60,-€/Sa. 70,-€/So. 50,-€ zzgl
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OMBRA Festival is proud to present its fifth edition as a testament to its commitment to cutting-edge underground electronic music and its ability to captivate a discerning audience. Beyond being a mere festival, OMBRA is an immersive musical journey that connects generations and styles, serving as a meeting point where experience and freshness converge in perfect harmony. As usual in our carefully curated line up, renowned veteran figures who have left their mark on the contemporary music scene intertwine with talented emerging artists, hailing from both national and international backgrounds.

Within the realm of post-punk and minimal wave, we encounter the influential French band Little Nemo from the 80s, whose music is infused with elements of British post-punk and the melodious aesthetics of the new wave. Additionally, we have the 'sensitive wave-pop' sensation from the 90s, Derriere Le Miroir, the Austrian duo Mitra Mitra, renowned for their modern take on minimalist electronic music and their incorporation of classic post-punk influences, and the Swiss duo Karl Kave & Durian.

Within the domain of new EBM and industrial, noteworthy figures emerge like Spike Hellis, a duo hailing from Los Angeles and Monolith, a project established in 1997 by Eric Van Wonterghem, a protégé of Dirk Ivens - both enthralls audiences with their percussion-focused approach and overwhelming energy. In our 2023 edition, we proudly present The Invincible Spirit, an influential 80s German band, and Codex Empire, the brainchild of Mahk Rumbae (a member of Mitra Mitra), delving into the genre's darker and more experimental realms. Alongside these, we introduce I Tpame I Tvrame, an industrial/cold wave project from Albania/Kosovo, which has surprised critics with its unique fusion of traditional music and cutting-edge electronic sounds. Also making their mark are emerging Valencian duo Spammerheads from Soil Records and HAMMERSHØI, a band influenced by German expressionism, creating mechanical and disquieting compositions that stir inner anxieties.

For electro/breaks enthusiasts, we have Robot City, a Galician artist influenced by the vision of UR/Underground Resistance and Public Enemy; the veteran French producer Umwelt, who remains a reference in dark and experimental electro; and the Italian producer Teslasonic, co-founder with Heinrich Dressel of the Minimal Rome label. Lastly, Chloe Lula joins the lineup with a special Electro DJ set.

Exploring the genres of New Beat, Techno, and Italo, we have the Croatian artist from Oráculo Records, Man Machine; the musical project hailing from the Basque Country, WLDV, who has stood out for over a decade with his unique interpretation of Italo music; and Years of Denial, the duo composed of the former French drummer of the iconic British band Piano Magic and Czech poet Barkosina Hanusova, who returns to OMBRA after their electrifying performance in the 2019 edition.

The Downtempo vibes find its essence in Tamburi Neri, a project led by Claudio Brioschi, which combines jazz, electronic, and ethnic music in a captivating blend of sounds, and the German musician Toulouse Low Trax, member of the bands Kreidler and Toresch, whose music stands out for its immersive soundscapes and minimalist approach.

To complete this experience, the Belgian band Linear Movement will captivate us with their melancholic synth-pop from the 80s.

In September, we will reveal more names that will join the lineup.

The content for the opening day and parallel activities will be announced during the month of October.


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