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Nouvelle Vague - 20th anniversary - Should I stay or should I go-Tour 2024

Tuesday, 07.05.2024
Beginn: 20:00h
Einlass: 19:00h
Muffatwerk - Muffathalle
Zellstr. 4, 81667 München
VVK 36,-- € zzgl. Gebühren
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Nouvelle Vague, the renowned bossa nova project founded by Marc Collin and the late Olivier Libaux in 2003, has become a musical phenomenon over the past two decades. Initially conceived as a one-off tribute to post-punk songwriting in a bossa nova style, Nouvelle Vague's debut album unexpectedly soared to global acclaim. The band's unique fusion of melancholic post-punk and bossa nova, coupled with their daring French reinterpretation approach, set them apart. The latest album, inspired by vocalist Alonya's rendition of The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go," continues Nouvelle Vague's tradition of reinventing classics, and will be released on February 16th. It will, again, amplify the timeless significance and continued impact of Nouvelle Vague's musical legacy.


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